[DE] BaWü Netz 7b: new Mireos and Coradias for DB Regio

The ministry of transport of Baden-Württemberg has published information about the contract for Netz 7b. DB Regio has submitted the best bid for both parts of the 13-year contract:

Part 1 ‘Karlsruhe net’

  • 13 years, starting December 2022
  • Karlsruhe – Bretten – Eppingen – Heilbronn
  • Karlsruhe – Rastatt – Baden-Baden – Achern
  • Karlsruhe – Rastatt – Forbach (Black Forest) – Freudenstadt – Bondorf
  • New Alstom Coradia Continental EMUs, financed by Baden-Württemberg

Part 2 ‘Nordbaden-Express’

  • = new fast connection from Karlsruhe via Bruchsal to Heidelberg / Mannheim
  • 13 years, starting December 2022
  • new 3-car Siemens Mireo EMUs, financed by Baden-Württemberg

Due to restrictions on the rail infrastructure, not all planned train connections can start immediately from December 2022. In southern direction, the implementation of the final timetable depends on the completion of the Rastatt tunnel (according to the current state of December 2024) and also the progress made with the underground station in Stuttgart (according to the current status of December 2025) will have its consequences.

In the north, a regular connection of the express services beyond Heidelberg to Mannheim can be implemented once the four-track extension between Mannheim and Heidelberg is completed.

Railcolor: It is easy to imagine what the new trains will look like. Both types are already available in yellow and white, built for other networks in Baden-Württemberg:

Alstom Coradia Continental – Photo: Steffen Tröndle


Siemens Mireo 463 008 and the RADVE train (Dm +111 220 + Dm + Dm) in Rheydt on 15.04.2019 – Photo: Achim Scheil