[DE] Gmeinder outshops two D60 C shunters for ThyssenKrupp

We had a first visual of them back in May. In August, two D60 C shunting locomotives for ThyssenKrupp were outshopped by their manufacturer, Gmeinder Lokomotiven. Two more will be delivered in the near future.

On 08.08.2019 the two shunters were seen passing through Köln West, likely on their way to ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe plant in Duisburg. The yellow ‘couple’ was pulled by Schienen-Güter-Logistik (SGL)’s V150.02 a.k.a. 92 80 1293 508-8 D-SGL. The two shunters are part of an order for 4 such locomotives. All of them will be deployed in Duisburg.

The first tlocomotives have the following factory numbers:

  • 831 = 5789
  • 832 = 5790

Technical specifications of the Gmeinder D60 C:

  • Top speed: 40 km/h;
  • Power output: 690 kW;
  • Wheel arrangement: C;
  • Weight: 66 t;
  • Length: 10,76 m;
  • Brake type: KE-GPmZ (D);
  • Minimum curve: 60 m;
  • Minimum speed: approx. 6 km/h;
  • Diesel tank: 2.400 l.

The picture below, captured by Marcel Lotzen, shows the two shunters in Mosbach Baden (DE), as seen on 27.05.2019:

ThyssenKrupp’s locomotives 831 and 832, seen in Mosbach Baden (DE) on 27.05.2019 – Photo: Marcel Lotzen