[PL] Stadler to supply additional FLIRTs to PKP IC; objection period begins

Stadler has announced it will be delivering 12 additional FLIRT trainsets to PKP Intercity of Poland. More details about the trainsets will follow once the contract is signed.

PKP Intercity (PKP IC) has selected Swiss Stadler Rail as the winner in its latest tender for 12 EMUs. If the order goes ahead, Stadler is also to be commissioned with the maintenance of the vehicles over a period of 15 years.

However, a 10-day objection period begins today, during which losing bidders may initiate a verification procedure against the jury’s decision. Stadler has announced it will provide further details on the contract once the aforementioned period expires and the contract is signed.

Video: The FLIRT for PKP IC

The new EMUs will potentially join the existing fleet of 20 FLIRT of PKP IC, series ED160, which has been in operation in Poland since the end of 2015. While we’re waiting for the objection period to pass, we leave you with the video below: