[CH] SBB Giruno: First service with passengers

On 08.05.2019, for the very first time, the Swiss railways (SBB) used a Giruno EMU in revenue earning service. Everybody was invited to board the new 250 km/h fast train. Its route:

  • Zürich 9.35 a.m. (IR46) to Erstfeld
  • Erstfeld 11.34 a.m. (IR26) via Arth-Goldau, Luzern to Basel (1.55 p.m.)

Unit RABe 501 006 was used for this very first official service. Bahnonline.ch has a full report about the day, during which SBB had to face some typical rail difficulties. Remarkable: it was the first time a train with ETCS Baseline 3 installed was used in commercial service in Switzerland.

RABe 501 006 in Basel on 08.05.2019 – Photo: Sylvain Meillasson

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