[HU] Freshly overhauled ‘Astrides’ in transit to Hungary [updatedx2]

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We thank Leo Stoffel, Norbert Tilai, Vincent Torterotot and Virgile Goux for their contribution. Extra tip: Take a look at the beautiful pictures made by Vladanfoto.cz

Alstom’s ongoing delivery of refurbished BB36000 locomotives is progressing. Two locomotives of the type are currently en route to Hungary.

36006 and 36009 in Germany

Recently another two French ‘Astride’ locomotives took a chance and crossed Germany to find a new home. The trip from France to Hungary via Germany and Austria:

Akiem 37027 with 36006 and 36009 at Dannemarie (Belfort-Mulhouse line) – 19.04.2019 – Photo: Vincent Torterotot
TXL 182 572, transporting 36006 and 36009 throughout Germany, here seen in Kanzem near Trier – Photo: Leo Stoffel
Behind RailAdventure 139 558 – 24.04.2019 – Gramatneusiedl (AT) – Photo: Herbert Pschill
no front numbers – 24.04.2019 – Hegyeshalom (HU) – Photo: Norbert Tilai

Akiem 36004 ad 36005 in Czech Republic and Hungary

During the summer of 2018 Akiem 36004 and 36005 were moved eastbound. Around 10.06.2018 the machines were seen in Hungary’s Foxrail workshops and testing with Foxrail locomotives – finally ending up at the Budapest rail museum (HU).

Akiem 36005 in Budapest on 11.06.2018 – Photo: Norbert Tilai

In January 2019 these were taken to the VUZ Velim test center in the Czech Republic. Below you see an image of a test run that took place at the end of that month:

36005 undergoing trials at the test track in Velim (CZ) in late January 2019 Photo: Virgile Goux

A total of 8+23 Akiem ‘Astrides’ will receive a life-extending overhaul at Alsom’s site in Belfort. Learn more about the process in our dedicated article. Railcolor News Expert subscribers can also read our extensive Analysis/Dossier of the BB36000 series. Not an Expert subscriber yet? Joining is easy, just click here.