[DE] DB Netz is looking for (second hand) fast electric locomotives [updated]

DB Netz, infrastructure manager of the German rail network, is looking for new locomotives. A periodic indicative notice has been released, that calls for company that have rolling stock available to report to DB Netz during the next 10 days (the notice was dispatched on 10.04.2019).

DB Netz want to modernise its fleet and has published the following specifications:

  • (second hand) electric locomotives
  • unrestricted authorization for the German rail network
  • to be used for track measurement trains
  • built in 2006 or later
  • top speed at least 200 km/h
  • equipped with PZB/LZB, ETCS is optional
  • operable in combination with push-pull trains

The title image shows a Škoda 109E locomotives, series 102 of DB Regio. Such a locomotive theoretically meets the requirements, like Siemens ES64U4 and Vectron locomotives for example. Any more ideas? Picture by Martin Šarman.

Update: oh yes! RTS is selling some fast machines:

RTS 1216 901, 902, 903 in Gramatneusiedl on 05.03.2019 – Photo: Herbert Pschill