[DE] Deutsche Bahn presents the ‘ECx’ by Talgo in Berlin [updated]

Earlier today, Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Spanish train manufacturer Talgo officially presented their new long distance trains for lines with ‘special requirements’. Say hello to the ‘ECx’ (a working title).

In February Deutsche Bahn (DB) placed an order for 23 new long-distance trains from the Spanish manufacturer Talgo. Today both companies officially presented the vehicle concept with the working title “ECx” – the first to enter service in December 2023. The first call for 23 trains with a value of EUR 550 million is part of a framework agreement between DB and the Spanish manufacturer Talgo for up to 100 trains.

Richard Lutz (CEO DB) – José María Oriol (CEO Talgo) and Enak Ferlemann (German transport secretary) – 13.03.2019
The driving trailer – 1 normal bogie at the end – Impression: Talgo / DB

An ECx push/pull train comprises a 4-axle multi system locomotive and 17 passenger coaches – the last one being a driving trailer. One train has a total of 570 seats which, except for some at the very end of the train, are all reachable without climbing any stairs. More key specifications:

ECx specifications

  • Locomotive: 19,5 meter multi system electric locomotive with two cabins
  • Top speed: 230 km/h
  • Consist: 17 cars (= 20 axles) + 1 locomotive (4 axles)
  • Length: 235 meter (cars only) – 255 m including the locomotive
  • Weight: 425 tonnes total
  • Capacity: 570 seats – 85x First class (2+1) and 485x Second class (2+2)
  • Luggage: 8 bike storage places, place for luggage, room for sports equipment,
  • PRM: 3 special seats for people in a wheelchair, with height adjustable tables
  • PRM 2: toilets for people with reduced mobility
  • Accessibility: levelled entrance for all doors for 760 mm platform height
  • Catering: Bistro with standing and seated places
  • Connectivity: Wi-FI and onboard entertainment (ICE Portal)
  • Breaking systems: priority use of regenerative breaking; air/disc breaking and magnetic rail brake

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The locomotive, to be built by Talgo – Impression: Talgo / DB


Where the ‘ECx’ will run

The trains will first be deployed on the international link between Berlin and Amsterdam, starting in December 2023. Travel time between the two capitals will be 30 minutes shorter – 5:50 hours in total – as the locomotive exchange in Bad Bentheim will not be needed anymore. Both DB and the Dutch railways will assess the possbilities to speed up this connection even more, by taking out intermediate stops or using alternative routes (taking out Stendal for example). As of the summer of 2024, the most important touristic destinations in Germany will be served – from the Alps to the North Sea:

Infographic: DB

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