[FR] RER NG: construction of the bodyshells has started

On the 19th February 2019, the first completed bodyshells of the first RER NG suburban/regional electric multiple units were presented to SNCF and Île-de-France Mobilités officials at the Alstom and Bombardier factories in Valenciennes and Crespin respectively. The RER NG high capacity EMUs will enter service starting in 2021 on the lines D and E of the Greater Paris commuter railway network. The trains will run under the designations Z 58000 and Z 58500.

We thank Alstom and Bertrand Lambert for providing us with pictures. You can visit Bertrand’s blog here.

Alstom presented single-deck end car bodyshells:

The bodyshell of a single-deck end car of an RER NG at the Alstom factory in Valenciennes, northern France. Photo: Alstom
The head structure of a single-deck end car at the Alstom factory. Photo: Alstom

Bombardier presented intermediate double-deck cars:

A view of a double-deck intermediate RER NG car being built at the Bombardier factory in Crespin, northern France, showing the wide doorway. Photo: Bertrand Lambert
A close-up of a bodyshell at Bombardier Crespin. Photo: Bertrand Lambert

The first tests of the RER NG are scheduled to start this year, with type certification planned for 2020, the year during which serial production is expected to begin. Click here to read more about the RER NG train.

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