[DE] New: Werbelok DB 101 063 ‘100 Jahre Bauhaus’

New stickers for Deutsche Bahn 101 063 – the locomotive is covered in red and white – a livery commemorating the 100th anniversary of the ‘Bauhaus’ movement. The locomotive was presented on 12.12.2018 in Dessau.

“The Bauhaus was a lively school of ideas and a field for experimenting in the free and applied arts, design, architecture and educational methods.”

The Mitteldeutsche Zeitung published an article about the presentation of the locomotive, it includes a video of the event

DB 101 063 in Leipzig on 13.12.2018 – Photo: Martin Drube
DB 101 063 ‘100 Jahre Bauhaus’ in Leipzig on 14.12.2018 – Photo: Sebastian Heilander