[DE] DB 101 112 – Comeback of the classic Rheingold livery

In late April, a locomotive livery phantasy became reality. On 27.04.2017 the German model train dealer association ‘Wilde13+’ presented a DB 101 series locomotive in a classic ‘Rheingold’ livery. Locomotive 101 112 now presents itself in ivory, silver and dark blue, a tribute to this classic Rheingold design from 1962.

It is not the first time the Wilde13+ managed to apply the Rheingold livery onto a 1:1 scale locomotive. In 2014 already museum locomotive E03 001 was repainted in the same Rheingold color scheme.

The 101 112 can now be seen accross Germany pulling DB’s intercity trains. But of course, we can not wait until the locomotive makes its debut hauling matching passenger coaches..

DB 101 112 at Halle-Messe on 07.05.2017 with IC 1956. Photo: Johannes Klektau