[RO] Astra Trans Carpatic: Danish IC2 in service [updated]

in 2017, Astra Trans Carpatic from Romania decided to buy three IC2 DMUs from the Danish railways: 5714, 5718 and 5721. Meanwhile the first services with the restyled 5714 have started. On 19.11.2018 the DMU ran as IR 15547 from Arad to Oradea. A video:

Video/video still by Andrei Bârza alias LDEGM Trainspotter – check out his other videos here

update: The first services by Astra Trans Carpatic with the former Danish trains started on 08.11.2018. There is one train per day, Arad – Oradea – Arad.

Update 25.11.2018: inside the IC2