[EU / Expert] Railcolor Modern Locomotive News (18/38-39)

This is Railcolor’s electric locomotive news in detail for week 38 (=InnoTrans 2018) and 39. The next one will be released in week 40. Do you have comments or questions? We are happy to hear from you – you can contact us here!

This week including:

  • The new MS2e electrics outshopped for Akiem
  • A new Vectron configuration for MRCE arrives early
  • A new Vectron configuration for ELL
  • Update on the Vectron deliveries to DB Cargo and ÖBB
  • Why 2 GySEV locomotives are back in Munich
  • First impressions of the InnoTrans
  • Overview of all our locomotive news of the past 2 weeks

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