[Data] Railcolor Classic: Baureihe 139 in open access operation

We are Railcolor, we pay extra attention to modern colourful railways. But, modern color schemes are not per se applied to new locomotives. Many ‘oldies’ formerly owned by state/federal railways can in some cases still be of value to open access operators, even after completing many millions of kilometers over the past decade.

Deutsche Bundesbahn / Deutsch Bahn 139 series

Railcolor Classic is our category about ‘classic’ locomotives in fresh paint. This time we take a look at 139 series electrics that were originally built for the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The 139 is similar to the DB 110 and 140 series locomotives, but have an electric recuperation brake system. In total 31 such machines were delivered, in four different batches. These were directly taken from the ongoing 140 series production, hence the unusual numbering. An overview:

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