[IT] Double date: LocoItalia orders 4 TRAXX and 4 Vectron locomotives

Choosing between the best can be tough. But why chose when you can have both? LocoItalia has opted for an order of 4 TRAXX and 4 Vectron locomotives. The contracts are now signed with an optional delivery of up to 15 additional units.

The italian ROSCO (ROlling Stock COmpany) is planning to launch its services, relying on a mix of eight modern electric locomotives: 4 Vectrons (series 191) and 4 TRAXXs (series 494), with the option to diversify the fleet in order to respond to the needs of the railway market. All 8 locomotives are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2019. The TRAXX units will be produced in the Vado Ligue factory in Savona, Italy.

The contracts also include the potential delivery for up to 15 additional units, as well as a full service option. It is expected that the mixed fleet will meet the specific rolling stock needs of the operators.

Design impression by Railcolor – Original photo: Bombardier – there is no relation to Locoitalia nor Bombardier

“LocoItalia positions itself as a true asset manager pushing rail freight transport development in Italy; As we are able to count on a solid company like FNM, and benefit from the operational experience of FuoriMuro, we can offer the best solutions that support the growth of national railway operators” Alberto Lacchini, CEO of LocoItalia

LocoItalia is archive as trade and leasing company for rolling stock. FNM S.p.A. owns 51% of its shares, FuoriMuro Servizi Portuali and Ferroviari S.r.l. (24.5%) and Tenor S.r.l. (24.5%) are the other two stake holders.

The project is part of the alliance between FNM and FuoriMuro, which was initiated in March 2017, following the entry of FNM in the ownership of FuoriMuro. The two companies have since committed themselves to the development of freight transport between the Ligurian ports and the area of Padana.

We thank LocoItalia for their cooperation

An overview of all TRAXX DC3 and Vectron DC locomotives for the Italian market:

Railcolor: Bombardier in Vado Ligure now has 54 TRAXX DC3 locomotives in the pipeline:

  • Mercitalia Rail: 40 on order
  • Captrain Italia: 5  on order
  • GTS Rail: 5 on order

For Siemens it is the sixth order for Vectron DC locomotives for the Italian domestic market:

  • UniCredit > DB Cargo Italia: 8 in service (191 013-020)
  • MRCE: has 25 machines on order, 3 now delivered (191 021-023)
  • FuoriMuro: 2 in service (191 002-003)
  • CFI: 4 in service (191 009-012)
  • InRail: 2 on order (191 100 and an unknown locomotive)