[IT / Expert] Bombardier presents TRAXX DC3 to its customers; livery change 494 040

Bombardier Transportation has officially presented its new TRAXX DC3 locomotive at their Vado Ligure site in Italy. The event gave some of Italy’s leading transport operators an up-close look at one of the most innovative locomotives to enter the rail freight transportation market. Mercitalia, Captrain Italia and GTS Rail have already placed orders for the new locomotive type.

Railcolor: Again we see the silver 494 040. The locomotive was first recorded during a transport from Vado Ligure to Osmannoro near Florence in February this year.

Like that other pre-series TRAXX DC locomotive, 494 505, the stickers on the 040 have been changed in the past months. The 040 now also has an Italian flag design included and its ‘La Locomotiva’ is re-applied in Bombardier’s corporate font.

Bombardier TRAXX DC3 ‘494 040’ – Photo: Bombardier
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