[DE] Griaß Di Allgäu: the new stickers on Landerbahn locomotive 223 072

On 21.05.2018 the Länderbahn presented Alpha Trains locomotive 223 072 with extra stickers – the diesel locomotive now promotes the 84th ‘Gautrachtenfest D’Wageggler’ which takes place from 31 May to 3 June in Haldenwang (DE).

It is another project with which the Länderbahn shows its close relation to the region where it is operating its diesel trains. Locomotive 223 072 is operated on lines connecting Lindau, München and Oberstdorf. Gudrun Geiblinger was responsible for the design.

And yes, the 072 got a good bier shower before it was sent away!

Railcolor: Locomotive 223 072 is one twelve Siemens EuroRunner locomotives that are owned by lease company Alpha Trains (serie 223 061-072). Unlike the other machines, that got Alex logos on their sides, the 072 started its career as freight locomotive of Regental Cargo, a sister company back in the days, and sported corresponding logos instead. Nowadays the 072 is being used in passenger services, like its sisters.

Photo: Die Länderbahn
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