[US] Brightline and MARC: Siemens Charger News update

Over the past months, various new developments concerning Siemens Charger diesel trains were recorded. We have made an overview about the most important ones:

Bightline train reaches Miami for the first time

AAF / Brightline is working on expanding its railway services into Miami. In January the Brightline services were introduced connecting West Palm Beach with Fort Lauderdale. The next step is to open West Palm Beach – Miami. Brightline has now published a video of a train entering the Miami station which is nearing completion:

MARC Charger locomotives enter service

With the arrival of locomotive no. 85, 86 and 87 at the end of March, all eight machines (80-87) ordered for MARC have been delivered by Siemens.

05.04.2018 was the first day of revenue service. The locomotives are being used in push/pull services on the Penn Camden Line in Maryland – they push into Washington DC and pull into Baltimore.

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