[DE] Abellio Rail in Baden-Württemberg: Four more Talent 2 EMUs, please

Abellio and the state of Baden-Württemberg have placed a supplementary order of further four Talent 2 EMUs from Bombardier. The growth of the fleet will secure improved capacity and punctuality on the Stuttgart 510 km Netz/Neckartal network the operator is set to start operating from mid-2019.

The Talent 2 fleet of Abellio has been once again increased, this time by four 5-car units. The order was placed by exercising the option for additional trains for the second time.

According to Dr. Roman Müller, Chairman of the Board of Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg GmbH, the increased fleet number will meet the the expected increase in passenger numbers in public transport in Baden-Württemberg before the start of operations in mid-2019.

This is how the initial number of 43 EMUs has now grown to 52:

  • June 2016: Bombardier wins the contract to provide Abellio with 43 (twenty-four 3-car + nineteen 5-car) Talent 2 trains with the option to order more vehicles
  • April 2017: Five more (two 3-car + three 5-car) were ordered in April 2017, increasing the quantity to 48
  • April 2018: With the recent order of further four 5-car EMUs, the total number of the Abellio Talent 2 fleet will grow up to 52 units

The Baden-Württemberg fleet of Abellio is designed in black and yellow “bwegt” design. Depending on the configuration, the vehicles have 163 or 273 seats, as well as 24 or 39 parking spaces for bicycles. They also come with free Wi-Fi and barrier-free access to passengers in wheelchairs.