[IT] Dinazzano Po: Eurolight locomotive ‘284 002’ enters service

Some projects require time, some projects take a lot of time. Eight years after its completion, Eurolight diesel locomotive ‘284 002’ has entered service. It is one of two locomotives of its type, built and developed by Vossloh (now Stadler Rail) in Valencia for rail networks with sub-20-tonne axleloads.

Although its name suggests otherwise, the locomotive was also offered to customers outside of Europe, as Vossloh also proposed a six-axle version of the design with the marketing name ‘Asialight’. But this never materialised. Also the two Eurolight locomotives remain the only representative of their type.

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For 284 002, things look good now. The machine just entered revenue service in Italy. Since 17.02.2018 rail freight operator Dinazzano Po is operating the silver-orange locomotive in and around the Reggio Emilia region.

Stadler Rail: “On 17 February, the EUROLIGHT locomotive purchased by the Italian rail operator Dinazzano Po undertook its first journey hauling a container train between Reggio Emilia and Minucciano Pieve Casola stations. On its arrival, the locomotive was welcomed by Gino Maioli, President of Dinazzano Po, and Domenico Davini, Mayor of Minucciano.”

Global history of locomotive 284 002:

  • 2010: construction, second locomotive of its type after 284 001
  • September 2010: on display during “Innotrans 2010”
  • 2012: 284 002 arrives in Italy
  • July 2015: Dinazzano Po announces the acquisition of one Eurolight locomotive
  • 2017: Restyling in orange with DP logos
  • February 2018: DP 284 002 enters commercial service
Picture: Stadler Rail


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