[IT] Long time no see: The Euro Light locomotive of Dinazzano Po

In 2010, Vossloh in Spain built two mainline diesel locomotives with an axle load of 19,75 tonnes. The designated 284 001 and 002 were both presented in Berlin during the InnoTrans trade fair in 2012 and 2010 respectively.

Vossloh however did not manage to sell this type of locomotive, specially developed for network with low axle loads (local lines or lines in non-optimal condition). Only for 284 002 a customer was found, in 2015. That year Italian freight operator Dinazzano Po from Reggio Emilia decided to acquire the machine. By then, the machine had been in Italy for almost three years, being used for homologation trials.

Then we lost track of the machine, until 14.07.2017, as the machine was photographed in Ravenna. Reportedly the machine is being transferred to Ferrara. It should go to La Spezia where it should start revenue services more homologation runs.

Ravenna (IT) 14.07.2017- Photo: Gabriele Notaro

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