[RO] Romania’s first hybrid locomotive design plugs-in to sustainability

The meaning of colors varies depending on culture and other social factors. But one color has always stood for ecology: green. And it feels like the green railway vehicle trend is catching on across Europe. The newest member of the environmentally friendly club is the LHy-M hybrid shunting locomotive, manufactured by EUROEST, Romania.

Designated as LHy-M, the shunter is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 30 km/h. Its autonomy varies between 8 and 12 hours, while charging time takes less than 3 hours. Externally, the unit resembles a conversion of the classic LDH diesel hydraulic design, which has proved its reliability throughout the years in several European countries.

The locomotive resembles the classic LDH diesel locomotive design, manufactured by FAUR, Romania. 22.02.2018 Author: Daniel Neagu

The main purpose of the state-funded project is to enable sustainable railway operations, compatible with the latest eco-friendly standards. According to EUROEST, more than 10,000 diesel locomotives with an age of more than 36 years will need to be replaced across Europe, due to the high levels of pollution they emit.

The locomotive was presented at an official ceremony in Constanța railway station last week.

Side view of the LHy-M Plug-In Hybrid shunter locomotive, as seen during the presentation in Constanța 22.02.2018 Author: Daniel Neagu