[EU / Expert] Loco Update 11.08

Another list with small locomotive news bits:

  • BLS Cargo: Vectron Re475 418 is out = Vectron 1.004 = Siemens 22844;
  • DSB: Seen outside in München-Allach: 1x Vectron for DSB;
  • DSB/ÖBB: Vectron 1.000 = ÖBB 1293 191 – this does not mean it is the 1.000th Vectron built – Siemens is not there yet with a substantial part of the VR Group Vectron still missing for example – Siemens and DSB communicated that the actual 1.000th locomotive would be one for DSB;
  • E-P Rail in Romania has a new Softronic Transmontana: 91 53 0480 048-4 – red with blue/red/white stickers;
  • Beacon Rail > HSL Logistik Class66 no. PB13 is currently active transporting ex-NMBS/SNCB 11 series locomotives – allegedly the red/yellow electrics will be scrapped;
  • MRCE X4E-861 and 862 got the full Flixtrain-design – Now there are five new Flixtrain-Vectron, next to 604, 605 and 865, that we are aware of;
  • ELL > SETG 193 285 looks different now – part of the white SETG sticker on its cabs are coming off; Same has happened to 193 839;
  • Renfe: Did you know? In 2013 we saw Renfe’s mainline diesel locomotive 334 001 with a pantograph. A new image proves that the locomotive still has it;

Updated data pages:

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