[CZ] EffiShunter 300 in the colors of VUZ Velim

You may have seen this locomotive at the InnoTrans exhibition in Berlin in 2014 – This is CZ Loko diesel shunter ‘794 001’ – also known as an ‘EffiShunter 300’.  The very first machine of this type is now in service at the VÚŽ Velim test center at Cerhenice and it was recently repainted in a new red-white-blue livery.

794 001 can be seen as the prototype of the series. Previously, it had the CZ Loko standard design in red and grey. A 794 has a 328 kW Caterpillar C13 diesel engine. Its top speed is 60 km/h and starting tractive effort of 124 kN.

CZ Loko sold twelve similar locomotives to the Czech railways in 2017 – the first ones are in service already. Also Warsaw’s metro system is planning on buying similar locomotives.

VUZ 794 001 – Photo: Dalibor Palko

Other locomotives in VUZ livery:

VUZ velim 740 420 on 17.05.2016 – Photo: Ludwig GS
VUZ velim 124 601 on 26.02.2016 – Photo: Ludwig GS
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