[AT] Bombardier hands over first TRAXX AC3 locomotive to WLC

On 14.12.2017, Bombardier handed over the first TRAXX AC3 electric to rail freight operator WLC from Vienna. The designated 187 321 is the first of three machines certified for international rail services in Austria, Germany, Hungary and Romania. We expect a 187 322 and 323 to follow soon. The locomotives will also feature the ‘Last Mile’ diesel shunting module. 

The 187 321 was seen in Passau on 17.12.2017, shortly before it would take on its first freight train. We hope we can bring you more images soon, if you have recorded the locomotive, and made good images of it, let us know.

WLC 187 321 in Passau on 17.12.2017 – Photo: Andreas Kepplinger