[DE] Bad Aibling train disaster: The new units are ready

In Januari 2017 we brought the news that Stadler Rail and the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB), operator of the Meridian services in southern Germany, agreed to two build two new Flirt3 trainsets; One 3-car, the other one 6-car, exactly like to two Meridian trains that got destroyed in the Bad Aibling train disaster in 2016.

The new sets are identical to the units in the current fleet, so running in multiple will not be a problem. Receiving identical trains also means they can be used under the same approval permit as the existing trains, so BOB will be able to use them on international services to Salzburg and Kufstein in Austria.

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But this compatibility does not come cheap, as Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB) reportedly has to pay a 2-digit amount (million euro that is) for the new trains.

On 05.12.2017 the two new units were seen at Erfurt-Azmannsdorf. They have new numbers, the 3-car ET358 replaces the ET355 and the 6-car unit ET329 comes in the place of the ET325.

The new ET 358 and ET 329 on 05.12.2017 in Erfurt-Azmannsdorf – Photo: Tobias Schubbert