[BG] In the picture: A new train for the PIMK Rail Vectron in Bulgaria

Since the beginning of the week, PIMK Rail has started operating a new cargo service between the cities of Burgas and Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. The load – cast iron blocks imported by sea – is being transported in PIMK Rails’ blue hopper cars.

The train is seen leaving the Port of Burgas on the 07.11.2017. Photo: Konstantin Planinski

As seen on the photos below, the Medium Power Vectron has been now renumbered into the newly formed Class 80, while retaining it’s serial number: 962.

PIMK Rails’ Vectron has been now re-numbered to 80 962. Photo: Konstantin Planinski

DB Cargo 86 012 9 on the right (ex-DSB EA 3000) and the PIMK Vectron seen side by side in the freight terminal by the sea. Photo: Krassen Panev

The new train also marks the very first visit of a Siemens Vectron to the Black Sea town, where freight traffic has been steadily increasing over the past years, turning it into a strategic destination for the Bulgarian private operators BZK, DB Cargo and Bulmarket.

“Kalina” in preparation before pulling the second loaded train. The Port of Burgas is seen in the background. Photo: Konstantin Planinski

It is expected that there will be two pairs of trains running on a bimonthly basis, amounting to a total of approximately 4000 tons of cast iron.

The second loaded train, passing through Karnobat on the way to Stara Zagora. 11.11.2017. Photo: Konstantin Planinski

In Stara Zagora, the PIMK Rail blue Ludmilla 07 077 is involved in the unloading activities of the train. The PIMK branded blue Fals cars were previously seen carrying limestone on the diesel-operated train of the operator from Yambol to Lyubenovo, near Nova Zagora.