[DE] Arriva FLIRT in München en Wegberg-Wildenrath

 Last week we witnessed test runs with 3-acr FLIRT EMUs for passenger operator Arriva from the Netherlands. The units are built for border-crossing services from Belgium via the Netherlands to Germany. This requires a train capable of running under 3kV DC, 1,5kV DC and 15kV 16 2/3Hz AC, and certification by three notified bodies.

DB Systemtechnik is evaluating a 3-car set in and around München. It is running under its own power on the German rail network. The same type of train was making round on the T1 test ring of the Siemens testcenter at Wegberg-Wildenrath, on the other side of Germany.  Wolfgang Scheer was able to make two shots:

Read more about the Arriva FLIRT for Limburg here and here.

Wegberg-Wildenrath – 19.10.2017 – Photo: Wolfgang Scheer
Wegberg-Wildenrath – 19.10.2017 – Photo: Wolfgang Scheer
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