[DE] 187 319 will be the third TRAXX AC3 locomotive for Raildox

In April 2017, Bombardier delivered the first TRAXX AC3 locomotive with Last Mile module to German rail freight operator Raildox. The designated 187 317 now proves to be the first of a series of three. Later this year, 187 318 will be completed and now we know that also a 187 319 will be built. Rail Business reports the 319 will be delivered in February 2018.

Locomotives that are numbered as 187.3 are all configured for services in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania and have a Last Mile diesel shunting module. An overview:

  • 17x Railpool: 187 300-316
  • 3x Raildox: 187 317-319
  • 3x WLC: first one we have seen is the 187 322