[DE] Not 1, but 2 new TRAXX locomotives for railfreight operator Raildox

Railfreight operator Raildox from Germany will add two new TRAXX locomotives this year. In April a TRAXX AC3 locomotive with Last Mile shunting diesel module will be delivered by Bombardier. In November 2017 a second unit will arrive, with the same equipment. 

Photoshop impression by Railcolor.net There is no link to Bombardier not to Raildox.

Based on the numbering system applied by Bombardier, we expect the two new Raildox locomotives to be the designated 187 317 and 318. The plans of Raildox regarding new locomotives did change. In April 2016 it was announced only one new machine would be purchased, to be delivered that same year.

Currently, Raildox operates four TRAXX locomotives: