[US] Stadler and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority unveil the first U.S. FLIRT train

Stadler and the Texas-based Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) introduce the first FLIRT for the TEXRail commuter rail line at APTA Expo 2017, the showcase for public transportation in the USA. The contract for delivery of eight FLIRT trains was signed in June 2015. The diesel-electric multiple units (DMU) will soon be used for travel on the TEXRail line between Fort Worth and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s Terminal B. This is the first time that Stadler has sold one of its FLIRT trains in the USA. 

Photo: Stadler Rail

FLIRT is Stadler’s success story, with more than 1,400 units of the modular articulated train in service worldwide. This explains why Stadler is especially pleased to be able to put the first eight FLIRT trains into operation in the USA. Together with the FWTA, Stadler will be presenting the first vehicle produced for TEXRail to the public at APTA EXPO 2017. The first US FLIRT train with its centrally located power module meets the AVT requirements (Alternative Vehicle Technology) of the Federal Railroad Administration as well as those of Buy America. The FLIRT trains for the FWTA were built majoritarianly in the leased Stadler plant in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“We are excited to bring these sleek rail cars to Fort Worth and Dallas,” said Paul Ballard, president/CEO of FWTA. “We have been viewing the many stages of manufacturing and completion, and we could not be more pleased. APTA EXPO visitors are in for a real treat.”

Peter Spuhler, Group CEO and owner of Stadler, says: “We are proud to be able to present our best seller for the first time in the USA today in association with the FWTA, and are convinced that the FLIRT trains, which are built in the USA, will cut a fine figure in Big Sky Texas, and offer passengers in and around Fort Worth a new level of travel comfort.”

The toilet that fulfils the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. – Photo: Stadler Rail
Interior view – Photo: Stadler Rail

The eight FLIRT trains fulfil the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The wide front doors and spacious lower floor area make it easy for passengers to board and disembark. Each train comes equipped with 224 seats with side tables and USB ports as well as an ADA toilet, thereby meeting the various convenience requirements of passengers. The train’s ergonomic driver’s cabin, intuitive design and smartly arranged control panels provide onboard personnel with a modern and comfortable workplace. The new FLIRT trains are scheduled to become a part of TEXRail’s commercial fleet in December 2018.

The new commuter trains for TEXRail have been designed to reach maximum speeds of 81 mph (130 km/hour) and boast a coupled length of 266 feet (81.1 metres) each. Each of the diesel-electric FLIRT trains is equipped with two Deutz TCD 16.0 V8 520 kW diesel motors and complies with the EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

The TEXrail FLIRT has 4 cars with passenger accommodation, and a diesel-electric power module in the middle – Photo: Stadler Rail

Update 05.03.2018: The second train arrives: