[DE] “Ich drück dich”: Talgo Deutschland presents its new H3 locomotive

For some months now, Talgo Deutschland is operating a new H3 hybrid locomotive built by Alstom. Until last week, the machine had a simple, plain blue livery. This has changed. On 06.10.2017, the designated 90 80 1002 021-6 D-ALS was presented in a new livery, sporting new slogans. 

The H3 locomotive is used for shunting and transport services at Berlin-Warschauer Strasse, where Talgo Deutschland has its workshops. The locomotive is often seen hauling Talgo rakes of the Berlin – Moscow express, that are being serviced in Berlin. The H3 has a battery and a diesel motor, which means up to 50% less diesel fuel is needed. NOx and dust particle emissions are being reduced and the locomotive is not always that noisy anymore. Talgo demonstrates it is taking the concerns of its neighbours, the workshops are located in the densely populated Berlin Friedrichshain area, very seriously.

Talgo also states it strongly believes in the future of railways as a environmental and efficient mobility solution and wants to contribute by operating modern locomotives for its shunting operations. Next to the H3, also a Niteq battery shunter built in the Netherlands is being used.

Railcolor: The H3 no. 021 sports two different slogans:  “ICH DRÜCK DICH” (“I push you”) on one side, “BIETE BEZIEHUNG” (“offer a connection”) on the other one. Children of the Albrecht-von-Graefe-school also came up with a name for the machine:  “e-sel”, short for electro-diesel (and meaning “donkey” in German).

H3. no 021 with its Bundestagsabgeordnete Cansel Kiziltepe and Senator Andreas Geisel, who attended the presentation ceremony. Photo: Talgo Deutschland
“Ich drück dich” – bis 3.000 tonnes – Photo: Talgo Deutschland
Photo: Talgo Deutschland