[IL] In the picture: TRAXX Israel in Europe [updated]

You guys are the best! Last week so many beautiful images came in showing the whereabouts of the three prototype TRAXX locomotives for Israel, there was no other option than making a picture report about them. And this is it:

First there was locomotive no.1, the designated IR ‘3001’. This machine was first presented to the public in March 2017. Early July the locomotive arrived at the VUZ Velim testcenter at Cerhenice (CZ) for dynamic testing. It has been seen running alone, together with the 3002, pulling Twindexx double deck coaches. These red and white painted double-deck coaches are currently also in production at Bombardier.

IR 3002 and two Twindexx couches for the railways of Israel. In the back runs locomotive 187 500 for Akiem. VUZ Velim test ring on 24.07.2017 – Alexandre Zanello

IR 3002 was seen at VUZ since June 2017. First it made rounds together with Railpool 187 315 and 187 002. Later it joined the 3001 in the test program.

IR 3001 and 3002 in sandwich with Twindexx coaches – VUZ Velim 26.07.2017 – Photo: Vladimir Fisar

IR 3003: Ready to board
On 25.07.2017, the third TRAXX locomotive for Israel was taken to Bremen harbour. From there it will be transported to Israel. It will be the first of its type to arrive.

IR 3003 behind RailAdventure 103 222 near Nienburg on its way from Kassel to Bremen-Grolland on 25.07.2017. Note the blue front number. – Photo: Frederik Lampe
IR 3003 awaiting embarkment at Bremen-Neustädter Häfen on 25.07.2017 – Photo: Torsten Klose

Update 01.08.2017:

3001: Back to Kassel
Something we did no want to hold back; the transport of various TRAXX locomotives from Cerhenice back to Kassel; IR 3001, Akiem 187 500 and Railpool 186 438.

RailAdventure 139 551 with its convoy at Eisenach on 28.07.2017 – Photo: Sebastian Winter

The same train at Leipzig-Althen – Photo: Mathias Schrödter