[PL] PKP IC issues tender for 20 (+10) new electric locomotives

PKP IC wants twenty new electric locomotives and has issued an EU tender for the procurement. All the new machines should be delivered within 30 months after awarding the contract. The maximum speed of the new electrics should be ‘not lower as’ 160 km/h.

PKP IC also demands a technical availability of 95% from delivery until the Level P4 overhaul. The reliability of the fleet should also be 95% per quarterly. The ‘loss of essential operating characteristics’ should not occur more than 3 times per locomotive per 250.000 km. Next to the 20 locomotives in the base order, an option will be taken on ten more units.

The main criteria for the assessment of the bids (weight):

  • Unit Price (35)
  • Service maintenance costs (35)
  • Delivery time (10)
  • Maximum speed ​​(10)
  • Technical availability (4)
  • Maximum number of events causing ‘loss of essential operating characteristics’ per vehicle per 250.000 km (3)
  • Reliability (3)

Bids can be submitted until 30.09.2017 10.30 local time.

Railcolor: The fleet strategy of PKP IC is subject of many changes over the past years. Last year it was announced PKP IC was planning to procure forty new machines. Although the arrival of new EMUs (Dart from Pesa and Pendolino from Alstom) has reduced the number electric locomotives needed for revenue services, PKP IC has to invest properly in new rolling stock (and modernization) as its fleet of electrics is old and outdated.

Check ted.europa.eu for the full tender specifications