[EU] Up to 45 new locomotives for TX Logistik; more details

Earlier this week we released the news that the Italian railways have ambitious plans for their rebranded freight and logistics department, Mercitalia. TX Logistik, being part of the Mercitalia group, will profit from the new investments and plans to acquire 45 new electric locomotives in the next five years.

Today TX Logistik released more details on their new fleet strategy, that will soon be based on owning a considerable part of its fleet, in stead of leasing/hiring locomotives form others. The new multisystem electrics will predominantly be operated on the north-south corridor Germany – Austria – Italy. On this route, TX Logistik is currently making around 60 ’rounds’ every week. Optionally, some new locomotives will be equipped for Switzerland and the Netherlands.

TX Logistik plans to finalize the order in 2017. The delivery of the new locomotives is planned for 2018-2020. All machines will have ETCS on board. The system will be prepared fur upgrade to baseline 3.