[CH] Mid-life revision for Ge 4/4 III of the Rhätische Bahn

One can discuss the fact if these machines are already ‘classic’, but if we mean ‘not new’ with classic, they are are right where they belong. It is time to refresh these powerful meter-gauge locomotives:

After almost 20 years of service, Rhätische Bahn is refitting its Ge 4/4 III series locomotives (also known as BoBo III). The program comprises of a total mechanical overhaul, new paint, new brakes system, new LED lights and the installation of the new ZSI 127 train protection system, among other adjustments. Rhätische Bahn will be spending around 10 million Swiss francs on the locomotives.

In 2019 all twelve locomotives of this type, the designated RhB 641–652, will be as new. The first nine of these 4-axle 2.4MW machines were built in 1993-1994, three more arrived in 1999. They have a three-phase propulsion system with GTO convertors and are being used for the trains running through the Vereina Tunnel and on the Albula line.

Unit 644 ‘Savognin’ is the first to be fully modernized and this locomotive was officially presented on 12.12.2016 at the station of Chur.

Photo: Rhätische Bahn, note the handpainted coat of arms upfront