[DE] DB Cargo to hire four Vectron diesel locomotives [updatedx2]

As of February 2017, DB Cargo will hire four Vectron DE locomotives from Siemens. They will be used for freight services in and around the German city of Halle, replacing locomotives of the 232, 233 and 265 series that are currently in use in this area.

Update: Thomas Stenzel was able to photograph Siemens 247 906 in red last week, and he was so friendly to let us show his images.

The images tell us that Siemens has started test runs (if still neccessary) with the Vectron DE locomotives that will be hired to DB Cargo in Halle. It is indicated that 247 902, 903, 904 and 906 are selected for DB Cargo.

Testing Siemens Vectron 247 906 in Aßling (DE) on 11.01.2017 with a Lokomotion freight train (Kufstein – Munich). Photo: Thomas Stenzel
Testing Siemens Vectron 247 906 in Zorneding (DE) on 11.01.2017. Photo: Thomas Stenzel

Update 2
On 02.02.2017, Siemens 247 904 and 906 arrived at Leipzig-Engelsdorf together. The two machines, soon to be on hire to DB Cargo, came from München-Allach. In the next weeks, they will be available for test runs and staff training.

Entering the Leipzg-Engelsdorf depot, 02.02.2017. Photo: Mathias Schrödter‎
Siemens 247 904 and 906 in Leipzig, 03.02.2017: Photo: Andreas Pusch
Driver training with Siemens > DB Cargo 247 904 from Leipzig-Engelsdorf to Zeitz, near Predel. Photo: Marcel Grauke

Update 3
On 09.02.2017, Siemens 247 902 and 903 arrived at Leipzig-Engelsdorf together. The quartet is complete.

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