[DE] After years of testing, DB Regio starts operating TRAXX AC3 locomotives

They are numbered 147 001 to 020, and they are the first TRAXX AC3 locomotives specifically built for passenger service. And as of 10.01.2017, they are pulling their first revenue earning passenger trains. 

In december 2014, the first machine left the Bombardier assembly site in Kassel. On 13.12.2014, the designated 147 001 was taken to Krefeld, and then to Wegberg-Wildenrath test center. The test period, taking over two years, had started. Machines travelled all across Germany: CottbusSolingenFrankfurt a/MKielHanau.

In October -December 2016, it was time for a whole series of maiden runs, most 147s made a trip from Kassel to Fulda before made ready for transport to Stuttgart. In the two weeks before Christmas, 16 locomotives were transported from Kassel to Stuttgart, in three convoys, resulting in very impressive images (example). For example here and here.

  • 16.12.2016: 147 008, 013, 015, 017, 018
  • 22.12.2016: 147 007, 010, 011, 014, 016
  • 23.12.2016: 147 001, 002, 003, 005, 019, 020
  • The exact whereabouts of 147 004, 006, 009 and 012 are unknown to us right now

The title image of this post shows 147 013 on the very first day of revenue service of DB Regio’s 147. At this first they were being used for pulling/pushing rakes with old ‘n-wagen’ trains, always with a 111 series locomotive as a back-up. On 13.01.2017 also a 147 was seen pulling a double deck trein.

Marco Eberbach was able to portrait a train on the first day of service in Ludwigsburg. DB Regio 147 013 and 111 025 pushing train RB 39915 from Heilbronn to Stuttgart.

The lines mentioned where the 147s can be introduced (source DSO):

  • RE Stuttgart – Würzburg
  • IRE Stuttgart – Karlsruhe
  • RE Stuttgart – Heidelberg
  • RE Stuttgart – Singen
Photo: Marco Eberbach