[SE] Newland for lease company ELL: Vectron locomotives for Sweden

On 05.09.2016, three red Vectron locomotive left the Siemens factory perimeters in Munich: 193 253, 254 and 255. All three are property of lease company ELL, but adjusted for services in Sweden and Norway, a country specific package that is new to ELL. They will be hired to Transdev Sverige AB for the use on its Snälltåget services.

We thank Michael Raucheisen for his cooperation!

The machines have a red livery with on one side 3x Loket (=locomotive) and 3x Snälltåget on the other. Before the three were sent of to Rostock harbor (northern Germany) for shipping, they first had to touch Austrian soil. So they were taken to Salzburg first.

Transdev Sverige AB operates long distance passenger services in Sweden from Stockholm to Malmö. In the winter the trains run further northbound to Uppsala and Are. During the summer there is the Berlin Night Express (using the Trelleborg – Sassnitz sea ferry!).

The trains in Sweden run under the name ‘Snälltåget’ and for these services Transdev Sevrige has been relying on Hector Rail for locomotives and drivers during the past years. The contract with Hector Rail will end per 01.10.2016. The new ELL Vectrons will take over, driven by 10 new loco drivers that were trained by Snälltåget.

For lease company from Austria this is yet another customer. The company has been building a homogeneous fleet of electric Vectron locomotives since 2013. To be able to react to fast to customer demands, ELL closed two frame contracts with Siemens for the delivery of up to 100 Vectron locomotives.

On 07.09.2016, 62 units were delivered:

  • 2x Vectron AC for DE/AT
  • 40x Vectron AC for DE/AT/HU/(RO/CZ/SK)
  • 3x Vectron AC for SE/NO (Vectron AC)
  • 15x Vectron Multi System for DE/AT/HU/PL/CZ/SK/RO
  • 2x Vectron Multi System for DE/AT/HU/PL/CZ/SK/RO/SI/HR

ELL was also the first to offer the Vectron for passenger services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (hired to RegioJet) and more recently two machines were built that run from Germany to Slovenia and Croatia. And sure more is to come!

ELL 193 253, 254 and 255 on their way to Salzburg to touch Austrian ground, 05.09.2016 - Michael Raucheisen
ELL 193 253, 254 and 255 on their way to Salzburg to touch Austrian ground, 05.09.2016 – Michael Raucheisen