[AT/HU/SK] Party! Neusiedlerseebahn welcomes the new GySEV Ventus trains

The five newest trains of GySEV have a name: Ventus. The trains were recently delivered by Siemens. As of 05.09.2016 they are in use for revenue earning services in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. On a working day, all five 3-car trains are needed. They reach Vienna, Bratislava-Petrzalka/Pressburg-Engerau, Deutschkreutz, Wulkaprodersdorf, Pamhagen and Fertöszentmiklos/St. Nikolaus am See.

For this article we thank Peter Melicher and Gunter Mackinger

But, the trains could not start their normal working career, before they were festively welcomed and inaugurated in Seewinkel and on the Neusiedlerseebahn. Many residents took the opportunity the personally inspect the Ventus trains, that will take over from ÖBB Desiro-trains. In many stations along the line it felt like carnival! Take a look at the pictures and enjoy:

ÖBB 4124.008 meets GySEV 4744.302 at Bad Neusiedl am See, 04.09.2016 – Gunter Mackinger
A musical welcome, with Raaberbahn steam locomotive 122 as decor, 04.09.2016 – Gunter Mackinger
The arrival of the new trains was a good occasion for a party as seen here at the station square of Frauenkirchen – Gunter Mackinger
05.09.2016: all things are back to normal: GySEV 4744 302 + 301 at ÖBB Neusiedl station – Gunter Mackinger
Picture by Peter Melicher
The interior of GySEV 4744 304 – Peter Melicher
Picture by Peter Melicher
Big capitals: Ventus is my name! – Peter Melicher
Picture by Peter Melicher
GySEV 4744 304 in Bratislava-Petrzalka on 05.09.2016 – Peter Melicher