[US] Amtrak and Siemens celebrate 70th electric locomotive with Sacramento send-off

On 02.06.2016, Amtrak and Siemens celebrated completion of the 70th and final Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotive at the company’s rail manufacturing hub in Sacramento, CA.

The milestone marks the culmination of a more than five-year partnership as the final high-efficiency locomotive heads to the Northeast Corridor for commissioning and revenue service. The locomotive, built by Siemens in Sacramento with components from more than 60 U.S. suppliers, is part of a new fleet of 70 high-efficiency vehicles that have helped usher in a new era of mobility and improved performance and reliability along the heavily traveled Northeast and Keystone Corridors.

Railcolor: The first Amtrak ACS-64 has nummer 600. The final one is no. 670. Normally this would mean there are 71 units, but Siemens and Amtrak just have 70. We expect that there is no. 666, the number of beast is not welcome in Amtrak’s fleet. Note that also no.601 is missing these days as this machine was severely damaged in the Philadelphia train crash in May 2015.

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