[GE] Georgia acquires four ‘AeroXpress’ KISS trains from Stadler Rail

Stadler Rail and Russian rail operator Aeroexpress have a double double-decker problem. You may now Russia is facing tough economic times. This has severe effect on all Russian companies, such as AeroExpress. The operator, responsible for passenger services from and to three airports of Moscow, once signed a contract with Stadler Rail from Switzerland, for delivering 24 double-deck KISS trainsets. However, these are no longer welcome. AeroExpress can not meet the financial obligations of the contract anymore, plus the company does no longer need so many new trains. So the contract has been renegotiated. Aeroexpress will take delivery of only 11 sets.

This means Stadler Rail is looking for alternative customers in the GOS region for its wide-body, 1520 mm gauge KISS trains. And with success. In 2015, five trains were sold to the railways of Azerbaijan (ADY). On 22.04.2016 Stadler signed a contract with the railways of Georgia (GR) for the delivery of four trainsets. The contract has a value of 39.6 million euros.

Stadler will hand over the trains, in a white livery with red striping, this year. GR wants to deploy them on the routes radiating from the capital of Tbilisi in the direction of Batumi, Kobuleti and Ureki at the Black Sea.