[Data] Siemens ES64U2

Last update 04.01.2020

ES 64 U2 = EuroSprinter, 6400 kW power rating, multi-purpose (Universal), 2-tension (15kV and 25kV AC)

The ES64U2 platform was developed between 1997 and 1999 with the Railion 152 series as a basis, but adjusted for regular service with speeds up to 230 kph, and when desired capable of running under two different catenary systems. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) was the launch customer for the ES64U2. Their 1997 order for 75 multi-purpose locomotives set the requirements for the platform. The name ES64U2 was introduced by Siemens in 2001, to be used as a designation for similar machines that were part of its own Dispolok leasing fleet. An extern design agency was responsible for the distinctive, refreshing look.

Between 1999 en 2006, several Siemens factories and the ÖBB workshops of Linz together built 437 ES64U2 platform locomotives. The technical concept and design did not change during the production period. The ES64U2 production stopped in March 2006 with the delivery of ÖBB 1116 282.

An overview of customers, products, and configurations

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