[Data] Rail Capital Partners

Latest update 17.01.2023

Rail Capital Partners (RCP) is a Polish leasing company with a fleet of mainline electric locomotives so that rail operators can access modern locomotives without significant capital investment. RCP was registered on 06.09.2021, and it has its headquarters in Bydgoszcz. 

All modern RCP locomotives were built after 2017. They are 3kV DC only, equipped for the Polish domestic market. There are three types:

  • Pesa Gama 111Ed – 4 axles – 5.6MW electric + last mile shunting diesel module;
  • Pesa Gama 111Eo – 4 axles – 5.6MW electric;
  • Newag Dragon2 E6ACTba – 6 axles – 5MW electric;

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