Siemens ES64U4 ŠZ

 In the slipstream of ÖBB, the Slovenian Railways (ŠZ) decided to order twenty high-speed multi-purpose ES64U4 locomotives as well. The order was announced in 2004.

Two different country-specific packages were installed, thus resulting in two different sub-series – delivery period 06.2006 – 05.2007:

  • 10x ES64U4-B > ŠZ 541 001-010
  • 10x ES64U4-F > ŠZ 541 101-110

541 101 was the first locomotive that left the Siemens factories in Munchen, in October 2005, which after completing its trial period, was handed over to the ŠZ in the summer of 2006.

In January 2008 the Slovenian government gave official permission for an additional order for twelve machines, which were delivered between April and September 2009.

  • 12x ES64U4-B > ŠZ 541 011-022

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