[passenger] Alstom will paint and repair c2c Class 357

Alstom has signed a GBP 8.8 million (EUR 10.3 million) contract with passenger operator c2c to paint and repair its Class 357 Electrostar fleet. Let’s examine the contract in detail:

The contract involves 74 four-car units, initially built at Alstom’s Derby Litchurch Lane site between 1999 and 2002. c2C is the operator and leases the trains from Angel Trains and Porterbrook.

c2c 357 © Alstom

The scope of work on the electric trains includes repairing huck bolt covers, body end corrosion, side vent corrosion, sole bar corrosion, roof corrosion, and repainting all the units. This work will be undertaken over 24 months at Alstom’s Ilford depot. Ilford has a long-established history in executing heavy maintenance, modernization, and refurbishment programs, employing approximately 120 people (and creating 25 new jobs).

Several UK suppliers – including small and medium-sized enterprises – will also be involved in providing the materials for this project, all of which will adhere to Alstom’s ethical and sustainability requirements. For example, water-based paint solutions will be applied, prioritising safety for workers, passengers and the environment.

About c2c Class 357 Electrostar

The c2c Class 357 Electrostars are AC EMUs members of the Electrostar family, including Classes 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, and 387. They are the most numerous type of EMU built in the post-privatisation period of Britain’s railways.

c2c operates 74 four-car units divided into three subtypes on the London, Tilbury and Southend lines:

  • Class 357/0 = Porterbrook
  • Class 357/2 = Angel Trains
  • Class 357/3 = Angel Trains (ex Class 357/2 with fewer seats and extra grab handles, so better suited for standees)

About c2c

Owned by Trenitalia, c2c operates rail passenger services on the London, Tilbury, and Southend line – also known as Essex Thameside – in east London and south Essex. Alongside the Electrostars, they also operate 12 Class 720 Aventra trains, which were also built by Alstom in Derby.