[passenger] Alstom unveils Coradia Stream for Renfe

On 15.06.2023, the Spanish Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez visited Alstom’s industrial site in Santa Perpètua. On that occasion, Renfe revealed the future design of the upcoming 201 Coradia Stream high-capacity units for Renfe. Some days ago, the new Minister, Óscar Puente, did the same, unveiling the first “real” train this time.

Alstom Coradia for Renfe in Alstom’s industrial centre in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda on 26.04.2024 © Alstom

The Spanish Minister visited Alstom’s industrial site in Catalonia with Renfe President Raül Blanco. During their visit, they learned about the innovative manufacturing process developed at the Catalan facilities for the contract and saw the first coupled unit of the new trains, which is currently undergoing static testing.

The exterior view confirms the perspective view of the Renfe Cercanías version showed almost one year ago in the familiar white/red /purple colour coding, typical for Renfe’s regional rolling stock.

About the Coradia Stream for Renfe

Alstom will manufacture 201 EMUs (152 + 49) for the Spanish state operator. A six-car vehicle (four low-floor + 2 double-deck cars) will have a capacity of 900+ passengers, featuring industry-standard features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and real-time passenger information, PRM-accessibility as well as dedicated areas for the transport of bicycles, luggage, prams, etc.

Technically, the new vehicles will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to improve reliability and punctuality. In addition, the technology implemented will allow thousands of data per second to be collected from the entire fleet. This real-time information ensures more efficient operational decision-making and better commuter service.

Alstom Coradia for Renfe in Alstom’s industrial centre in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda on 26.04.2024 © Alstom

The first three units currently being manufactured will begin to circulate in tests in the coming months, thus initiating the process of validating and certifying the new rolling stock. Once this is over, series production of the remaining 198 units will begin at a pace of 3-4 trains to Renfe each month.

The contract, valued at EUR 1.8 billion, includes train parts and maintenance for 56 trains for 15 years.