[design] Seen through the lens of Frederik Lampe: 2159 254 with BBL Logos

Seen through the lens of Frederik Lampe. On 11.04.2024, deep red ELP EuroDual 2159 254 visited Misburg with a train fully loaded with crushed stone. Do you notice something different?

Indeed, the smaller IGE logos are gone. 2159 254 now has BBL Logistik logos on its nose and BBL Logisitk fleet number 32 on its sides. Curious, the large IGE logo that is part of the landscape remained. Mix and match!

ELP > BBL Logistik 2159 254 after a slight design update – with BBL logos/numbers on 11.04.2024 in Misburg © Frederik Lampe

Why is this news?

IGE Bahn went bankrupt in 2023, and BBL Logistik took over. IGE Bahn was leasing 2159 247 and 254 from ELP, which have now become part of BBL Logistik’s fleet. The latter company did a minor rebranding while retaining IGE’s existing livery. The BBL Logistik ‘Euro’ fleet: