[design] New Railcolor Design: G2000 no. 272 407 for AIXrail


Yet again, we can present you with a new livery design – a special one – as we have never styled a G2000 from Vossloh. In 2023, AIXrail from Aachen (DE) approached us with this challenge. This is the story:

In 2022, AIXrail decided to expand its diesel-traction portfolio with 3,000 hp power class locomotives. With possible operations in the Netherlands and Belgium, the German operator chose the Vossloh G2000-3 BB, also known as class 272, with the country packages for BE, DE, and NL.

The exterior design of the Vossloh G2000 is a divisive issue. Reason enough for AIXrail to launch a project with Railcolor Design to create a livery for this particular type of locomotive. The aim was to create an eye-catching base design from which different variants for the individual vehicles in the AIXrail G2000 fleet could be derived. The final design is a playful take on warning stripe often used for equipment used for construction (trains) or departmental use:

Aix Rail 272 407 on 16.03.2024 © AIXrail

Locomotive 272 407 (Vossloh 5001608) has the ‘green’ variant of the design, combining different types of green with AIXRail’s own corporate colours, dark blue-grey and bright green. The yellow-and-black warning stripes remained. 407 can no longer be overlooked.

We thank our partner in this project, Omnimark, for the printing work and their professional application of the stickers.

On 17.03.2024, the machine was put back in service for AIXrail, which will use its G2000 locomotives mainly for traction of sleeper and ballast trains.

Aix Rail 272 407 on 16.03.2024 © AIXrail
Aix Rail 272 407 on 16.03.2024 © AIXrail

About the locomotive

Locomotive 92 80 1272 407-8 D-AIX was built in 2005 and entered service in 2006. It is black because its first owner was lease company MRCE, which loved black paint. It served many lessees throughout the next decade. In 2017, it was sold, together with many other diesel locomotives, to Northrail after MRCE discontinued its activities in the diesel locomotive market. In 2023, AIXrail became the new owner.

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