[design] New RailcolorOntrack Design: 145 088 for Flex Bahndienstleistungen


This is a new series of posts. In the coming months, our design department will release many new designs, which we will present to you in the ‘New Design’ series.

This is locomotive 145 088, an Adtranz locomotive from the year 2000. For Flex Bahndienstleistungen of Germany, Railcolor and OnTrack gave the machine a design from the “Network Veins” series. Now, it perfectly blends into Flex’s modern locomotive family with Smartron, Vectron Dual Mode, and EuroDual:

Flex Bahndienstleistungen 145 088 in Kahla on 08.03.2024 © Christian Klotz
Flex Bahndienstleistungen 145 087 in Jena-Göschwitz on 16.04.2024 © Christian Klotz

About the locomotive

145 088 is relatively new in Flex’s fleet, which acquired it from SRI last year. After serving other owners in Switzerland and Germany, it became a leased locomotive of SRI Railinvest in 2014, just like its sister loco 145 087. This is Railcolor Design locomotive no. 198, and it was released from the Leipzig LEG workshops on 29.02.2024.


SRI Rail Invest’s 145 088 at the tale of the train 13.06.2020 through through Lauffen am Neckar (DE) Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

The other ‘Flex’ locos by Railcolor and OnTrack:

Northrail > Flex Bahndienstleisungen 192 059 on 15.03.2023 in Leipzig © Bastian Vogelvanger
Northrail > Flex Bahndienstleistungen 248 071 in Leipzig-Schönefeld on 28.08.2023 © Mathias Schrödter
ELP > Flex Bahndienstleistungen 2159 253 in August 2023 Flex Bahndienstleistungen