[passenger] The new Stadler high capacity EMUs for Renfe – first trains completed

A visit of Spanish transport minister Oscar Puente to Stadler’s factory near Valencia gives us some new insights about the production of the new high-capacity trains being built for Renfe Cercanias. The first units have been placed on their bogies, and the double and single-deck coaches are coupled. The trains have the FLIRT200 front design:

This project started in 2021, and, eventually, both Stadler Rail and Alstom were selected to deliver the new trains. Stadler will come with 79 units in two different versions:

  • 24x T100 four-car units with 100 m length, and
  • 55x T200 eight-car units with 200 m length (35 from the first order + 20 additionally ordered);
  • The order also includes spare parts and maintenance for 15 years.
Artist impression Stadler FLIRT high-capacity for Renfe © Stadler